What We Do

  • Full-service custom tailored dynamic web development, internet hosting services, and domain name portfolio management;
  • E-commerce — direct (B2C), B2B, and “intraprise”;
  • Multi-site asset and inventory management;
  • Scheduling, booking, and project management; and,
  • Network, server, and workstation setup, troubleshooting, training, and more.

Our commitment to web-based systems means we develop once and deploy anywhere, without expensive roll-out or technical support requirements.

Our clients tell us they experience higher morale, profit, loyalty and productivity after implementing projects with us.

We would be happy to connect you with existing customers to see how working with us worked for them, straight from the source. Contact us for a complete portfolio and references.

What if I just need solid, proven products…

without breaking the bank?

Over the years we’ve seen many places where a lightly-customized version of a general tool works wonders and creates value with minimal expense.

Maybe this is true for your needs, too!

Check out the ready-to-roll offerings from our Connected Process division.

We might already have what you’re looking for!