Report a Bug

If your website is not performing the way you expect, please let us know. If you can provide us with some basic information about the problem, we can make whatever corrections are required to meet your needs. If it’s easier to provide a screenshot showing it in action, or if you prefer to swing by our office so we can re-create the issue on a lab computer, that’s fine, too — just ask.

  • What system you are experiencing the problem on (Windows XP? Windows Vista? Mac OS X? etc.) (Help!)
  • What browser you are using to exhibit the problem (IE6? IE7? Firefox? Safari? Opera?) (Help!)
  • What your computer’s screen resolution is. (Help!)
  • On which page the problem occurred.
  • What you expect should happen, versus what does happen - please describe the problem in as much detail as possible.
  • How can we get a hold of you?

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